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Modern Control Systems, 13th edition

  • Richard C. Dorf
  • Robert H. Bishop
Modern Control Systems

ISBN-13: 9780134407623

Includes: Hardcover

13th edition

Published byPearson (January 5th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

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  • Hardcover

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Developing Problem-Solving Skills Through Integrated Design and Analysis

The purpose of Dorf’s Modern Control Systems, Thirteenth Edition is to present the structure of feedback control theory and to provide a sequence of exciting discoveries. The book demonstrates various real-world, global engineering problems while touching on evolving design strategies like green technology. Some of the themes at-hand include climate change, clean water, sustainability, waste management, emissions reduction, and minimizing energy. Throughout the text, the reader applies theory to the design and analysis of control systems.


The Thirteenth Edition continues to explore the role of and need for automated and precise control systems in green engineering.  Key examples of green engineering, such as wind turbine control and the modeling of a photovoltaic generator to achieve maximum power delivery, are discussed in detail. The text is organized around the concept of control systems theory in the context of frequency and time domains. Written to be equally useful for all engineering disciplines, it covers topics such as classical control, employing root locus design, frequency and response design using Bode and Nyquist plots.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Control Systems

2. Mathematical Models of Systems

3. State Variable Models

4. Feedback Control System Characteristics

5. The Performance of Feedback Control Systems

6. The Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

7. The Root Locus Method

8. Frequency Response Methods

9. Stability in the Frequency Domain

10. The Design of Feedback Control Systems

11. The Design of State Variable Feedback Systems

12. Robust Control Systems

13. Digital Control Systems

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