Mosaicos Volume 3, 6th edition

  • Matilde E Castells
  • Elizabeth E. Guzmán
  • Paloma E. Lapuerta
  • Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro

Mosaicos Volume 3

ISBN-13:  9780205994274


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It’s time to talk! … and have a cultured conversation.  Providing the truly communicative, deeply culture-focused approach instructors believe in along with the guidance and tools students need to be successful using a program with highly communicative goals—with Mosaicos, there is no need to compromise.  Recognizing the primacy of the relationship between culture and language, the new Sixth Edition of Mosaicos places culture up front and center, and everywhere in-between!

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*For the complete Scope and Sequence to Mosaicos, 6e, go to “About the Program”


10   ¿Cuál es tu comida preferida?

11   ¿Cómo es tu salud?

12   ¡Buen viaje! 

13   Las artes y las letras 

14   Los cambios sociales 

15   Hacia el futuro

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