• Stephen P. Robbins
  • Neil Barnwell

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The text is designed logically to help students build their understanding of Organisational Theory by:

  • Defining organisation theory and its objectives.
  • Explaining determinants of structure.
  • Describing design.
  • Configurations from structural dimensions.

The book has retained rigorous coverage of contemporary issues in an interesting and relevant way. It provides attention to political factors influencing structural decisions.

Table of contents

1.   An Overview.
2.   The Evolution of Organisation Theory.
3.   Organisational Effectiveness.
4.   Dimensions of Organisation Structure.
5.   Strategy.
6.   Organisation Size.
7.   Technology.
8.   Environment.
9.   Power Control.
10. Organisation Design Options.
11. Bureaucracy: A Closer Look.
12. Adhocracy: A Closer Look.
13. Managing the Environment.
14. Managing Organisational Change.
15. Managing Organisational Culture.
16. Managing Organisational Evolution.
17. Gender and Organisations.


  • Instructors manual containing chapter outline and overview, and answers to discussion questions. A series of T/F and MC choice questions are provided.  Transparency masters for key figures and tables are provided.

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Published by Pearson Canada (June 29th 1998) - Copyright © 1998