Pocket Handbook of Image Processing Algorithms In C, The, 1st edition

  • Harley R. Myler
  • Arthur R. Weeks

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This handy desktop reference gathers together into one easy-to-use volume the most popular image processing algorithms. Designed to be used at the computer terminal, it features an illustrated, annotated dictionary format — with clear, concise definitions, examples, and C program code. KEY TOPICS: Covers algorithms for adaptive filters, coding and compression, color image processing, histogram operations, image fundamentals, mensuration, morphological filters, nonlinear filters, segmentation, spatial filters, spatial frequency filters, storage formats, and transforms. Includes graphic oriented techniques such as warping, morphing, zooming, and dithering. Provides algorithms for image noise generation. MARKETS: For users and developers of image processing systems and programs.

Table of contents

How to Use This Book. Class Groupings Index. Adaptive DW- MTM Filter. Adaptive Filters. Adaptive MMSE Filter. Alpha-Trimmed Mean Filter. Area. Arithmetic Mean Filter. Brightness Correction. C.I.E. Chromaticity Diagram. Centroid. Chain Code. Circularity. Circularly Symmetric Filter. Closing (binary) Filter. Closing (graylevel) Filter. Clustering. Coding and Compression. Color Image Processing. Color Saturation Correction. Color Tint Correction. Compactness. Contra- Harmonic Mean Filter. Contrast Correction. Dilation (binary) Filter. Dilation (graylevel) Filter. Discrete Convolution. Discrete Correlation. Discrete Cosine Transform. Discrete Fourier Transform. Dithering. Erosion (binary) Filter. Erosion (graylevel) Filter. Flip. Fourier Transform Properties. Gamma Noise. Gaussian Filters. Gaussian Noise. Geometric Mean Filter. Gradient Masks. Graphic Interchange Format (GIF). Graphics Algorithms. Graylevel. Graylevel Histogram. HSI Color Model. Hadamard Transform. Harmonic Mean Filter. Hartley Transform. High Pass Spatial Filters. Histogram Equalization. Histogram Specification. Histogram Techniques. Hit or Miss (binary) Filter. Homomorphic Filter. Hough Transform. Huffman Coding. Image Fundamentals. Inverse Filter. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). Lapalcian Filter. Least Mean Squares Filter. Line Detector. Low Pass Spatial Filters. MacPaint File Format. Mask. Maximum Axis. Maximum Filter. Median Filter. Mensuration. Midpoint Filter. Minimum Axis. Minimum Filter. Moments. Morphing. Morphological Filters. Multi- Graylevel Thresholding. Negative Exponential Noise. Noise. Nonlinear Filters. Non-Linear Transformations. Opening (binary) Filter. Opening (graylevel) Filter. Optimum Thresholding. Outline (binary) Filter. PC Paintbrush (PCX). Perimeter. Pixel. Point Detector. Pseudocolor. Pseudocolor Display. Quantization. RGB Color Model. Range Filter. Rayleigh Noise. Robert's Filter. Rotate. Run Length Encoding (RLE). Salt and Pepper Noise. Sampling. Scaling. Segmentation. Skeleton (binary) Filter. Slant Transform. Sobel Filter. Spatial Filters. Spatial Frequency. Spatial Frequency Filters. Spatial Masks. Storage Formats. Tagged Interchange File Format (TIF). Thickening (binary) Filter. Thinning (binary) Filter. Thresholding. Top-Hat Filter. Transforms. True-Color Display. Uniform Noise. Walsh Transform. Warping. Weighted Mean Filter. Weighted Median Filter. Wiener Filter. Wiener Filter (Parametric). YIQ Color Model. Yp Mean Filter. Zooming. Appendix A: Image.h File. Appendix B: Example Program. Appendix C: TIF Tags List. Bibliography. Glossary. Subject Index.

Published by Pearson (August 16th 1993) - Copyright © 1994