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  4. Practical Work in Secondary Science: A Minds-On Approach

Practical Work in Secondary Science: A Minds-On Approach, 1st edition

  • Ian Abrahams
  • Ian Abrahams
Practical Work in Secondary Science: A Minds-On Approach

ISBN-13:  9781847065049


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Practical work is an essential feature of secondary science education. However, questions have been raised by some science educators about its effectiveness as a teaching and learning strategy. Whilst such an approach is generally effective in getting pupils to do things with objects and materials, it is seen as relatively ineffective in developing their conceptual understanding of the associated scientific ideas and concepts. Ian Abrahams argues that this is because it is practiced as a 'hands-on', rather than 'minds-on' activity. Abrahams draws together theory and practice on effective teaching and learning in practical work in science - covering biology, chemistry and physics. He provides clear guidance to ensure that students are encouraged and supported to be 'minds-on' as well as a 'hands-on' so that they can make the most of this learning experience. An invaluable text for inspiring aspiring and experienced secondary science professionals, especially for those on M-level secondary science PGCE programmes.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements \ Introduction \ 1. The Purpose of Practical Work \ 2. Current Perspectives on the Nature and Purpose of Practical Work in the Affective Domain \ 3. Key Issues for Practical Work \ 4. What Pupils Learn About Objects, Materials and Ideas \ 5. Strategies for Getting Pupils to Think about the Objects, Materials and Ideas \ 6. Conclusion \ References \ Index

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Published by Continuum (January 20th 2011) - Copyright © 2011