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  5. Press and America, The: An Interpretive History of the Mass Media

Press and America, The: An Interpretive History of the Mass Media, 9th edition

  • Melvin R. Ember
  • Edwin Emery
  • Nancy L. Roberts
Press and America, The: An Interpretive History of the Mass Media

ISBN-13:  9780205295579

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With a continued emphasis on interpretation and analysis, The Press and America remains the classic authority on the history of mass media in the United States. Recognizing that the development of America's journalism is inherently and integrally related to the cultural identity of its people, the heart of this book is an examination of American life and the American media. KEY TOPICS: The Press and America traces how major events in U.S. history were covered by reporters, editors and broadcasters and how other writers, advertisers and advocates influenced and continue to influence events in this country. While examining the media's influence on the course of events, this text also points out how events have determined the shape and character of the media. Within this framework, the authors relay the special story of the men and women of journalism and of the institutions and traditions they created. Expanded coverage of women in journalism, with coverage of Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Dorothy Thompson, Helen Thomas, Dorothy Day, Doris Fleischman, Gloria Steinem, and many other less known but important women. MARKET: For anyone interested in the History of Journalism and Mass Media.

Table of contents


Introductory Bibliography.

 1.The Heritage of the American Press.

 2.The Colonial Years.

 3.The Press and the Revolution.

 4.Founding the New Nation.

 5.Westward Expansion.

 6.A Press for the Masses.

 7.The Irrepressible Conflict.

 8.A Revolution in National Life.

 9.The New Journalism.

10.The People's Champions.

11.Bastions of News Enterprise.

12.War Comes to the United States.

13.The Twenties: Radio, Movie, and Jazz Journalism.

14.Depression and Reform.

15.A World at War.

16.Television Takes Center Stage.

17.Challenges and Dissent.

18.A Crisis of Credibility.

19.Efforts to Improve the Media.

20.Media Technology: The Challenge of the 21st Century.


Annotated Bibliography.


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