Principles and Guidelines in Software User Interface Design, 1st edition

  • Deborah J. Mayhew

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Here's a comprehensive sourcebook, filled with concrete design guidelines for developing clear software interfaces. In it, readers will find practical guidelines including the high level conceptual model, dialog styles, organization of functionality to support user tasks, and effective error handling. Suitable for novice and experienced software development professionals. Based on extensive research in human computer interaction. Provides guidance for both the design of traditional interfaces, such as menus and fill-in forms implemented on character-based screens, and for the design of state-of-the-art user interfaces such as direct manipulation interfaces including graphics, color, windows, and pointing devices.e

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. The User Profile.

 3. Conceptual Models.

 4. Dialog Styles: Menus.

 5. Dialog Styles: Fill-In Forms.

 6. Dialog Styles: Question and Answer.

 7. Dialog Styles: Command Languages.

 8. Dialog Styles: Function Keys.

 9. Dialog Styles: Direct Manipulation.

10. Dialog Styles: Natural Language.

11. Dialog Styles: Summary.

12. Input and Output Devices.

13. Organization and Functionality.

14. Screen Layout and Design.

15. Response Time.

16. Error Handling.

17. User Documentation.

18. Summary and Conclusions.

Published by Pearson (October 1st 1991) - Copyright © 1992