Principles of Educational Psychology, Second Canadian Edition, 2nd edition

  • Jeanne Ellis Ormrod
  • Donald H. Saklofske
  • Vicki L. Schwean
  • Jac J.W. Andrews
  • Bruce M. Shore

Principles of Educational Psychology, Second Canadian Edition

ISBN-13:  9780135007341


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Principles of Educational Psychology employs a unique approach to help students understand concepts, by encouraging them to examine their own learning and then showing them how to apply these concepts as teachers. The book concentrates on core concepts and principles and gives students an in-depth understanding of the central ideas of educational psychology.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Educational Psychology and Teacher Decision Making

Part 1 Understanding Student Development and Diversity
Chapter 2 Cognitive and Linguistic Development
Chapter 3 Personal, Social, and Moral Development
Chapter 4 Individual and Group Differences

Part 2 Understanding how students learn
Chapter 5 Learning and Behaviour Processes
Chapter 6 Learning and Cognitive Processes
Chapter 7 Knowledge Construction and Higher-Level Thinking
Chapter 8 Social Cognitive Views of Learning
Chapter 9 Motivation, Affect, and Cognition

Part 3 Understanding Instructional Processes
Chapter 10 Instructional Strategies
Chapter 11 Creating and Maintaining a Productive Classroom Environment
Chapter 12 Instructional Assessment

Published by Pearson Canada (January 31st 2009) - Copyright © 2009