Procurement, Principles & Management, 11th edition

  • David Farmer
  • Peter Baily
  • Barry Crocker
  • David Jessop
  • David Jones

Procurement, Principles & Management

ISBN-13:  9781292016016

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Now in its eleventh edition, Procurement Principles and Management has been essential reading for practitioners and students of purchasing and procurement for nearly 50 years. This new edition will provide the reader with a reflection of mainstream practice alongside insight into developing ideas and approaches. This book has been updated to cover the continuous change and development in the field of purchasing, and carefully balances emerging philosophies with proven and established thinking and practice in the profession.



New features in this edition:

  • A new and thorough consideration of contract law and negotiation
  • Expanded treatment of many key topics, including ABC analysis, Kraljic, Bensau, and TCO
  • A new section on risk
  • New additional examples of services/tangibles procurement
  • Additional material exploring off-shoring/on-shoring
  • Increased focus on culture.


Procurement Principles and Management is published in association with the Charted Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), which is the central reference point for the purchasing and supply profession. Details about courses, conferences and other service are available at


Peter Baily, formerly Chief Examiner for CIPS

David Farmer, formerly Henley Management College

Barry Crocker, formerly Salford University

David Jessop, formerly University of Glamorgan

David Jones, Blackburn College

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Procurement scope and development
  • Chapter 2 Strategic procurement and supply chain management
  • Chapter 3 Public sector procurement
  • Chapter 4 Outsourcing
  • Chapter 5 Quality management
  • Chapter 6 Inventory management
  • Chapter 7 Lead time and time compression
  • Chapter 8 Sourcing strategies and relationships
  • Chapter 9 Price and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Chapter 10 Negotiations
  • Chapter 11 Project procurement
  • Chapter 12 Procurement of commodities
  • Chapter 13 International and global sourcing
  • Chapter 14 Capital procurement
  • Chapter 15 Retail procurement and efficient consumer response (ECR)
  • Chapter 16 Services procurement
  • Chapter 17 Corporate social responsibility
  • Chapter 18 E-Procurement systems
  • Chapter 19 Contract management and performance measurement

Published by Pearson (May 21st 2015) - Copyright © 2015