Psychology, 13th edition

  • Carole Wade
  • Carol Tavris
  • Samuel R Sommers
  • Lisa M. Shin


For courses in Introductory Psychology

An overview of psychology that emphasizes critical thinking, gender, and culture
Revel™ Psychology is designed to help students learn to think like psychologists, and to understand why scientific and critical thinking is so important to the decisions they make in their own lives. Updating the vision of longtime authors Carole Wade and Carol Tavris, new co-authors Samuel Sommers and Lisa Shin breathe new life into the text through modern pop culture references and coverage of real-world events. Throughout the 13th Edition, Sommers and Shin make the hallmarks of the text — critical thinking, integrated coverage of gender and culture — more appealing to a modern student audience.

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Table of contents

1. What Is Psychology?
2. How Psychologists Do Research
3. Genes, Evolution, and Environment
4. The Brain and the Nervous System
5. Sensation and Perception
6. Consciousness and Sleep
7. Learning
8. Memory
9. Thinking and Intelligence
10. The Major Motives: Food, Love, Sex, and Work
11. Emotion, Stress, and Health
12. Development over the Lifespan
13. Social Psychology
14. Theories of Personality
15. Psychological Disorders
16. Approaches to Treatment and Therapy

Published by Pearson (August 28th 2019) - Copyright © 2020