Re-Inventing Canada: Politics of the 21st Century, 1st edition

  • Janine Brodie
  • Linda Trimble

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A supplementary reader for Canadian Politics.

This collection of twenty-three articles by leading Canadian scholars provides a comprehensive supplementary text for Canadian Politics courses. Re-Inventing Canada addresses the major issues that define Canada's current political culture, including globalization, race, disability, immigration, environment, and foreign policy. While the articles cover a wide range of topics, editors Janine Brodie and Linda Trimble provide students with a detailed overview of the overriding theme of "re-inventing Canada." Furthermore, Brodie and Trimble have carefully organized the selection of articles according to the following subsections: Re-Thinking Community, Re-Casting Identities and Citizenship, Re-Inventing Governance, and Re-Drawing Boundaries.

Table of contents

Introduction: Janine Brodie and Linda Trimble, "Reinventing Canada: An Overview".


 1. Janine Brodie, "On Being Canadian".

 2. Claude Couture and Nathalie Kermoal, "The Multiple Affiliations of Quebec".

 3. Kiera Ladner, "Rethinking Aboriginal Governance".

 4. Daniel Cohn, "Changing Conceptions of the Public Interest".

 5. David Whitson, "Globalization, Culture, and the Canadian City".

 6. Steve Patten, "The Democratic Deficit".


 7. Malinda Smith, "The Politics of Race".

 8. Linda Trimble, "Women and the Politics of Citizenship."

 9. Laura Bonnet, "Citizenship and People with Disabilities: The Invisible Frontier".

10. Debra Shogan and Gloria Filax, "Sexual Minorities in Canada".

11. Lois Harder, "Whither the Social Citizen".

12. Xiobei Chen, "The Birth of the Child Citizen".


13. Garth Stevenson, "Canadian Federalism: The Myth of the Status Quo".

14. Kathryn Harrison, "The Evolution of Environmental Governance".

15. Allan Tupper, "The New Public Management and Canadian Politics".

16. David Schneiderman, "The Old and New Constitutionalism".

17. David Stewart and Miriam Koene, "Canadian Parties in the New Century".

18. Gurston Dacks, "Reinventing Governance in the North".


19. Yasmeen Abu-Laban and Christina Gabriel, "Security, Immigration and Post-September 11 Canada".

20. Terry Kading, "Canada and the Hemisphere".

21. Elizabeth Smythe, "Canadian Sovereignty and Global Trade and Investment Rules".

22. Paul Gecelovsky and Tom Keating, "Canadian Foreign Policy: Human Security with a Neo-Liberal Face".

23. Senator Douglas Roche, "Canadian Security for a New Era: Principles and Pragmatics".

Published by Pearson Canada (February 1st 2003) - Copyright © 2003