Real-Time Statistical Process Control, 1st edition

  • Paul C. Badavas

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KEY BENEFIT: Full of real-world applications, this new book demonstrates how to use Statistical Process Control (SPC) in the process industries in order to maintain and improve quality and increase productivity. KEY TOPICS:D> The guide details: how to analyze the plant and how to setup real-time SPC; how to organize a process plant with the cause and effect hierarchy; how to approach the implementation of real-time SPC in the oil and gas industry; how to take into account process dynamics; the fit of SPC with other operational process functions, including traditional process control; and much more. MARKET: Ideal for engineers, technicians, and supervisors in the process operations of process industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceuticals, mining and minerals.

Published by Pearson (August 19th 1992) - Copyright © 1993