Restaurant Operations Management: Principles and Practices, 1st edition

  • Jack D. Ninemeier
  • David K. Hayes

Restaurant Operations Management: Principles and Practices

ISBN-13:  9780131100909

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Designed to be the ‘best’ book for restaurant management, Restaurant Operations Management  addresses content areas that are integral to a restaurant manager’s job, providing current and practical information. It breaks down the busy and complex world of restaurant management into what the manager must know, from the restaurant’s inception to its actual operation. It focuses on financial, labor, and product resources, within the context of pleasing the guests. KEY TOPICS: Topics cover: industry basics, sanitation, safety, nutrition, marketing, menu planning/design/pricing, human resources, accounting/financial management, standard recipes, product purchasing/receiving/storing/issuing, and restaurant analysis/improvement. MARKET: Current, practical, and accurate, Restaurant Operations Management is an easy and interesting read for practicing industry professionals, such as restaurant managers, restaurant training managers, restaurant owners, and others wanting to learn effective restaurant management.

Table of contents


1.  Introduction to Restaurants and the Restaurant Industry.

2.  The Restaurant Manager and Sanitation.

3.  The Restaurant Manager and Safety.

4.  Nutrition Basics.

5.  Marketing.

6.  Menu Planning, Design, Pricing, and Evaluation: Where It All Starts!


7.  Managing the Restaurant’s Human Resources.

8.  Accounting and Financial Management.

9.  Standard Recipes Implement Quality Food Production.

10. Purchasing, Receiving, Storing, and Issuing: Getting Ready for Production.

11.  Managing Food Production.

12.  Managing Beverage Production and Service

13.  Food and Beverage Service

14.  Labor Cost Control Standards

15.  Revenue Collection and Control Systems

16. Restaurant Analysis and Improvement Procedures


17.  Legal Aspects of Restaurant Management

18.  Restaurant Layout and Equipment

19. Restaurants and the Banquet Business

20.  Engineering and Facility Maintenance

Published by Pearson (April 1st 2005) - Copyright © 2006