Revel for Basics of Social Research, Fourth Canadian Edition -- Access Card, 4th edition

  • W Lawrence Neuman
  • Lawrence W Neuman
  • Karen Robson
  • Karen Robson

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The fourth Canadian edition of Basics of Social Research introduces students to social research and presents “what researchers do and why” in a non-threatening manner that captures both the excitement and the importance of doing real research. A course in social research methodology differs from most other social  science courses in that it prepares students to think more systematically about content and also reveals how content findings are created. That is, social research methods teaches students how the knowledge in social sciences comes into being. 

Basics of Social Research aims to make social research methodology easy to understand and  accessible but it also aims to show students that proper research is a serious activity, and often how well a study was conducted can have real consequences.  An underlying goal of this text is to show how social research has very real applications in real life.

Personalize Learning with Revel

We are especially excited, in the fourth Canadian edition, to leverage Revel, an interactive eText platform that replaces the traditional text with an engaging learning experience that prepares students for class. Revel presents an affordable, seamless blend of author-created digital text, media, and assessment based on learning science. With Revel, students are able to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — anytime, anywhere, on any device, both online and offline.

Our intention in using Revel is to bring social research and its applications to life. To this end, the fourth Canadian edition has been updated to include new  interactive techniques for engaging student attention and facilitating learning.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Doing Social Research 

Chapter 2 Theory and Social Research 

Chapter 3 Ethics in Social Research 

Chapter 4 Reviewing the Scholarly Literature and Planning a Study 

Chapter 5 Designing a Study

Chapter 6 Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement

Chapter 7 Qualitative and Quantitative Sampling

Chapter 8 Survey Research

Chapter 9 Experimental Research

Chapter 10 Nonreactive Quantitative Research and Secondary Analysis

Chapter 11 Analysis of Quantitative Data

Chapter 12 Qualitative Interviewing

Chapter 13 Field Research

Chapter 14 Nonreactive Qualitative Research

Chapter 15 Analysis of Qualitative Data

Chapter 16 Combining Methods in Social Science Research

Appendix Doing a Research Project 

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