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Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1, 2nd edition

  • Jeff Doyle
  • Jennifer DeHaven Carroll

Published by Cisco Press (October 19th 2005) - Copyright © 2006

2nd edition

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Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1

ISBN-13: 9780133116021

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Table of contents

Part I    Routing Basics

Chapter 1    TCP/IP Review

        TCP/IP Protocol Layers  

        IP Packet Header 

        IPv4 Addresses 

        First Octet Rule 

        Address Masks 

        Subnets and Subnet Masks 

        Designing Subnets 

        Breaking the Octet Boundary 

        Troubleshooting a Subnet Mask 

        Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) 

        Proxy ARP 

        Gratuitous ARP 

        Reverse ARP 

        Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) 

        Host-to-Host Layer 



        Looking Ahead 

        Summary Table: Chapter 1 Command Review 

        Recommended Reading 

        Review Questions 

        Configuration Exercises 

        Troubleshooting Exercises 


Chapter 2    IPv6 Overview 

        IPv6 Addresses  

        Address Representation 

        IPv6 Address Types 

        Global Unicast Addresses 

        Identifying IPv6 Address Types 

        Local Unicast Addresses 

        Anycast Addresses 


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