Saving Adam Smith: A Tale of Wealth, Transformation, and Virtue, 1st edition

  • Jonathan B. Wight

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Adam Smith ... Father of Modern Economics ... Died in 1790 ... but 200 years later, his spirit is tortured by the caricatures we remember in his name. In Saving Adam Smith, he is tortured enough to return to Earth ... and so begins a journey of discovery that cuts across two centuries, as doctoral student Richard Burns puts his life on the line to rediscover Smith's most profound insight: Selfishness is not enough.

Table of contents




Adam Rising.

Higher and Deeper.

A Dangerous Business.

Will the Real Adam Smith Please Stand Up?


Self Interest Is Not Selfishness.

On the Road with Adam Smith.

Creating Wealth.

The Poor Man's Son.

The Lady Sings.

Wealth and Happiness.


The Search for Profit.

Feelings Are Real.

Letter to Julia.

Another Gypsy Tale.

A Full House.


Children of the Enlightenment.


The Spectator Within.

A Paradox.

A New Paradigm?

Once Again the Invisible Hand

Appeals to Higher Authority.

Saying Goodbye.




Timeline of Adam Smith's Life.

Source Notes.

PART I: Wealth.

PART II: Transformation.

PART III: Virtue.


A Guide to the Literature.

Adam Smith's Collected Works.

Biographies of Adam Smith.

Selected Scholarship on Adam Smith.

Economics As a “Social,” “Philosophical,” or “Moral” Science.

The New Paradigm Transformation in Business.

The Enlightenment.

A Guide for Instructors.


About the Author.

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Published by FT Press (October 29th 2001) - Copyright © 2002