SCO OpenServer: The Windows Network Solution, 1st edition

  • Charlie Russel

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SCO OpenServer: The perfect server for your Windows clients!

What's the best server for Windows clients in heterogeneous environments? SCO OpenServer Release 5. In this book, Windows and UNIX experts present a clear, friendly guide to evaluating server platforms, and show exactly why SCO OpenServer is superior to alternatives like Windows NT. Then they show you exactly how to use SCO OpenServer to build client/server environments that incorporate Windows 95 clients.

You'll walk step-by-step through a sample SCO OpenServer installation and configuration, sharing the authors' hard-won experience. You'll take a close look at SCO OpenServer's easy-to-use graphical administration and maintenance tools—and learn how to automate much of your system maintenance. SCO OpenServer: The Windows Network Solution presents everything you need to know to integrate SCO OpenServer with both Windows 95 and Windows NT, including:

  • Security and performance optimization techniques.
  • Troubleshooting tips.
  • Configuration management.
  • Strategies for growth.

Finally, the authors present case studies to demonstrate how organizations can accomplish more when they combine Windows with SCO OpenServer. No matter what your background—Windows, NetWare, or UNIX—this book will help you evaluate and implement your optimal client/server solution.

Published by Pearson (August 13th 1996) - Copyright © 1997