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Secret Kingdom for Educators, The, 1st edition

  • Alan Arroyo
  • Hope Jordan

Published by Pearson Learning Solutions (March 21st 2011) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

Secret Kingdom for Educators, The

ISBN-13: 9780558813970

Includes: Hardcover
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What's included

  • Hardcover

    You'll get a bound printed text.


  • Historical and conceptual analysis leading to why educators need to seek God's kingdom more than ever
  • Features 14 chapters, 10 of which are devoted to the 10 Laws of the Secret Kingdom and a concluding chapter applying all of the principles with links to evidenced based practices.
  • In-depth explanation of Dr. Pat Robertson's Secret Kingdom Principles
  • Instruction on practical application for each principle
  • 12 appendices that include "real-world" tools

Table of contents

Part I. The Two Domains


Chapter 1:      The Downturn of American Education

Chapter 2:      Tapping Into the Power of God’s Invisible World

Chapter 3:      The Framework


Part II. Laws of the Secret Kingdom of Educators


Chapter 4:      The Law of Use

Chapter 5:      The Law of Reciprocity

Chapter 6:      The Law of Perseverance

Chapter 7:      The Law of Fidelity

Chapter 8:      The Law of Unity

Chapter 9:      The Law of Change

Chapter 10:    The Law of Greatness

Chapter 11:    The Law of Responsibility

Chapter 12:    The Law of Miracles

Chapter 13:    The Law of Dominion


Part III. How Educators Should Live and Practice


Chapter 14:    Specific Applications for Teachers




Appendix A:   The Beatitude Journey—Personal Applications for Christian Educators

Appendix B:   Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles Inventories

Appendix C:   Understanding Reciprocal Relationships

Appendix D:   Qualities of Industriousness

Appendix E:   A Culture of Unity

Appendix F:   Fidelity Self-Assessment

Appendix G:   Embracing Change Inventory

Appendix H:   Assessment of Caring Teaching Behaviors

Appendix I:    Responsibility for 21st Century Instructional Proficiency

Appendix J:    Innovations for Success

Appendix K:   Moral Authority Case Study

Appendix L:   Post Assessment: Ten Professional Standards for Practicing the Secret Kingdom Principles



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