Short Course in Photography, A: Film and Darkroom, 10th edition

  • Jim Stone
  • Barbara London


For courses in the fundamentals of photography.

Explores the fundamentals of photography

A Short Course in Photography: Film and Darkroom, 10th Edition introduces readers to the fundamentals of photography including black-and-white, color, and digital. Topics covered include equipment, accessories, the exposure and development of film, and the making and finishing of prints. The authors also offer advice on how to select the shutter speed, point of view, or other elements that can make the difference between an ordinary snapshot and an exciting photograph. All aspects of photography are clearly explained, with every pair of pages covering a complete topic, along with accompanying illustrations, diagrams, and photos. 

In addition to learning the basics of photography, readers will also be exposed to photographs by great photographers and artists, including Deborah Willis, Roe Ethridge, and Gordon Parks. The 10th Edition includes new artistic examples by contemporary artists, technological updates, and discussion of the latest digital applications.

Table of contents

1. Camera

2. Lens

3. Film

4. Exposure

5. Developing the Negative

6. Printing in a Darkroom

7. Lighting

8. Digital Photography

9. Seeing Like a Camera

10. History of Photography

Published by Pearson (January 23rd 2018) - Copyright © 2019