Social Dimensions of Canadian Sport and Physical Activity, 1st edition

  • Jane Crossman
  • Jay Scherer


Social Dimensions of Canadian Sport and Physical Activity by Jane Crossman and Jay Scherer is an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of the relationship between sociological issues and sport, with a specific focus on the Canadian sports industry.

Each chapter in this contributed text is written by experts in their field, using both Canadian and international perspectives to address contemporary sociological issues. The authors hope that this text will provide students with a sound basis for understanding the social dimensions of sport and physical activity from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Table of contents

  1. Perspectives on the Social Dimensions of Sport and Physical Activity in Canada --Jane Crossman, Jay Scherer
  2. Sociological Theories of Sport --Ian Ritchie
  3. Canadian Sport in Historical Perspective --Don Morrow
  4. Sport and Social Stratification --Rob Beamish
  5. Ethnicity and Race in Canadian Sport --Vicky Paraschak, Susan Tirone
  6. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality --Mary Louise Adams
  7. Children, Youth and Parental Involvement in Organized Sport --Ralph E. Wheeler, Jay Scherer, Jane Crossman
  8. Sport Deviance --Jason Laurendeau
  9. Violence --Stacy L. Lorenz
  10. Sport and Physical Activity in Canadian Educational Institutions - Tim Fletcher, Duane Bratt
  11. Sport, Media, and Ideology --Jay Scherer
  12. Sport, Politics, and Policy --Jean Harvey
  13. The Business of Sport --Brad Humphreys, Moshe Lander
  14. Globalization and Sport --David Whitson
  15. Sport and the Future --Brian Wilson
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