Social Problems: A Down-to-Earth Approach, 13th edition

  • Jim M. Henslin

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A straightforward approach that helps students see the relevance of social problems to their lives
Social Problems: A Down-to-Earth Approach presents clear analysis of the major social problems we face today, at home and abroad, with an emphasis on how these issues are relevant to students’ lives. Utilizing a consistent chapter structure and approaching problematic issues from various sides, author Jim Henslin encourages critical thinking as he seeks to instill in students a lasting sociological perspective — one they will take out of the classroom and into their everyday lives. The 13th Edition offers thoroughly updated data as well as examples of contemporary social problems drawn from recent headlines in order to emphasize the relevance of the course to students’ daily lives.

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Table of contents

1. How Sociologists View Social Problems: The Abortion Dilemma
2. Interpreting Social Problems: Aging
3. Social Problems Related to Sexual Behavior
4. Alcohol and Other Drugs
5. Violence in Society: Rape and Murder
6. Crime and Criminal Justice
7. Economic Problems: Poverty and Wealth
8. Racial—Ethnic Relations
9. Inequalities of Gender and Sexual Orientation
10. Medical Care: Physical and Mental Illness
11. The Changing Family
12. Urbanization and Population
13. The Environmental Crisis
14. War, Terrorism, and the Balance of Power

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