Social Problems in a Diverse, 7th edition

  • Diana Kendall

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Examine social problems through the lenses of race, class, gender, and inequality
Revel™ Social Problems in a Diverse Society
focuses on the significance of social inequality, race, class, and gender as key factors in understanding problems in the U.S. and worldwide. Author Diana Kendall makes the study of social problems interesting and relevant to today’s students through authentic first-person accounts, up-to-date topics, and contemporary examples. The 7th Edition has been updated to include Social Media and Social Problems boxes that shed light on the ways that social media impacts social problems today, as well as new learning objectives that guide students through the text.

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Table of contents

1. Studying Social Problems in the Twenty-First Century
2. Wealth and Poverty: U.S. and Global Economic Inequities
3. Racial and Ethnic Inequality
4. Gender Inequality
5. Inequality Based on Age
6. Inequality Based on Sexual Orientation
7. Prostitution, Pornography, and Sex Trafficking
8. Alcohol and Other Drugs
9. Crime and Criminal Justice
10. Health Care: Problems of Physical and Mental Illness
11. The Changing Family
12. Problems in Education
13. Problems in Politics and the Global Economy
14. Problems in the Media
15. Population, Global Inequality, and the Environmental Crisis
16. Urban Problems
17. Global Social Problems: War and Terrorism
18. Can Social Problems Be Solved?

Published by Pearson (February 26th 2018) - Copyright © 2019