Software Development: Building Reliable Systems, 1st edition

  • Marc Hamilton

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80% of software projects fail—here's why the other 20% succeed!

Software Development is the most thorough, realistic guide to "what works" in software development—and how to make it happen in your organization. Leading consultant Marc Hamilton tackles all three key components of successful development: people, processes, and technology.

From streamlining infrastructures to retraining programmers, choosing tools to implementing service-level agreements, Hamilton unifies all of today's best practices—in management, architecture, and software engineering. There's never been a more comprehensive blueprint for software success.

  • Discover "The Ten Commandments of Software Development"
  • Build a winning software development team, organize it for success - and retain your best talent
  • Create a software architecture that maps to business goals and serves as a foundation for successful development
  • Define processes that streamline component and Web-based development projects
  • Leverage the advantages of object-oriented techniques throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Make the most of Java, JavaBeans, and Jini technology
  • Learn the best ways to measure software quality and productivity—and improve them
Software Development is ruthlessly realistic and remarkably accessible—for managers and technical professionals alike. Best of all, its techniques can be applied to any project or organization, large or small. Ready to build software that meets all its goals? This book will get you there.

Published by Pearson (March 22nd 1999) - Copyright © 1999