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Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis, 3rd edition

  • Robert Stine
  • Dean Foster

Published by Pearson (January 5th 2017) - Copyright © 2018

3rd edition

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Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis

ISBN-13: 9780134497167

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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For one- and two-semester courses in introductory business statistics.


Understand Business. Understand Data.

The 3rd Edition of Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis emphasizes an application-based approach, in which readers learn how to work with data to make decisions. In this contemporary presentation of business statistics, readers learn how to approach business decisions through a 4M Analytics decision making strategy—motivation, method, mechanics and message—to better understand how a business context motivates the statistical process and how the results inform a course of action. Each chapter includes hints on using Excel, Minitab Express, and JMP for calculations, pointing the reader in the right direction to get started with analysis of data.

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Table of contents

I. Variation


1. Introduction

2. Data

3. Describing Categorical Data

4. Describing Numerical Data

5. Association Between Categorical Variables

6. Association Between Quantitative Variables


II. Probability


7. Probability

8. Conditional Probability

9. Random Variables

10. Association Between Random Variables

11. Probability Models for Counts

12. The Normal Probability Model


III. Inference


13. Samples and Surveys

14. Sampling Variation and Quality

15. Confidence Intervals

16. Statistical Tests

17. Comparison

18. Inference for Counts


IV. Regression Models


19. Linear Patterns

20. Curved Patterns

21. The Simple Regression Model

22. Regression Diagnostics

23. Multiple Regression

24. Building Regression Models

25. Categorical Explanatory Variables

26. Analysis of Variance

27. Time Series


Supplementary Material (Online-Only)

S1 Alternative Approaches to Inference

S2 Two-Way Analysis of Variance

S3 Regression with Big Data


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