Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies, 7th edition

  • Michael Barrow

Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies

ISBN-13:  9781292118703

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Do you need to brush up on your statistical skills to truly excel in your economics or business course?


If you want to increase your confidence in statistics then this is the perfect book for you. The 7th edition of Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies continues to present a user-friendly and concise introduction to a variety of statistical tools and techniques. Throughout the text, the author demonstrates how and why these techniques can be used to solve real-life problems, highlighting common mistakes and assuming no prior knowledge of the subject.

Table of contents

  • 1 Descriptive statistics
  • 2 Probability   
  • 3 Probability distributions 
  • 4 Estimation and confidence intervals
  • 5 Hypothesis testing   
  • 6 The 2 and F distributions  
  • 7 Correlation and regression
  • 8 Multiple regression
  • 9 Data collection and sampling methods
  • 10 Index numbers   
  • 11 Seasonal adjustment of time series data

Published by Pearson (February 6th 2017) - Copyright © 2017