Stats: Data and Models, Third Canadian Edition, Loose Leaf Version, 3rd edition

  • Richard D. De Veaux
  • Paul F. Velleman
  • David E. Bock
  • Augustin M. Vukov
  • Augustine Wong

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Unparalleled in its readability and ease of comprehension, Stats: Data and Models, Third Canadian Edition, focuses on statistical thinking and data analysis. Written in an approachable style without sacrificing rigor, this text incorporates compelling examples derived from the authors’ wealth of teaching experience and encourages students to learn how to reason with data. Stats: Data and Models promotes conceptual understanding for applied statistics without overwhelming the reader with tedious calculations and complex mathematics. This Third Canadian Edition has been meticulously updated to include the most relevant and engaging Canadian examples and data.


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Table of contents

Part I Exploring and Understanding Data

1 Stats Starts Here

2 Displaying and Describing Categorical Data

3 Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Data

4 Understanding and Comparing Distributions

5 The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and the Normal Model

Part I Review: Exploring and Understanding Data


Part II Exploring Relationships Between Variables

6 Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation

7 Linear Regression

8 Regression Wisdom

Part II Review Exploring Relationships Between Variables


Part III Gathering Data

9 Sample Surveys

10 Experiments and Observational Studies

Part III Review: Gathering Data


Part IV Randomness and Probability

11 From Randomness to Probability

12 Probability Rules!

13 Random Variables

Part IV Review: Randomness and Probability


Part V From the Data at Hand to the World at Large

14 Sampling Distribution Models

15 Confidence Intervals for Proportions

16 Testing Hypotheses About Proportions

17 More About Tests

18 Inferences About Means

Part V Review: From the Data at Hand to the World at Large


Part VI Assessing Associations Between Variables

19 Comparing Means

20 Paired Samples and Blocks

21 Comparing Two Proportions

22 Comparing Counts

23 Inferences for Regression

Part VI Review: Assessing Associations Between Variables


Part VII Modelling the World at Large

24 Analysis of Variance

25 Multifactor Analysis of Variance

26 Multiple Regression

27 Multiple Regression Wisdom

Part VII Review Inference When Variables Are Related


Part VIII Distribution-free Methods

28 Nonparametric Tests

29 The Bootstrap (online only)

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