Strategic Analysis and Action, 9th edition

  • Mary M. Crossan
  • Michael J. Rouse
  • W Glenn Rowe
  • Cara C. Maurer

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Crossan is a concise, practical guide for the strategic management course. The text provides an organized set of concepts and procedures for analyzing and acting on strategic problems. It takes the point of view of the general manager and presents a consistent, operational approach to analyzing and acting on strategic problems.


This revision sees the addition of two new authors, who bring a wealth of experience in developing and teaching this course, and a commitment to excellence. The revision revolves around currency, with new and updated examples and cases, as well as reflect changes to strategy practice and theory.

Table of contents

Ch 1  A General Management Perspective

Ch 2  Strategy

Ch 3  The Diamond-E Framework

Ch 4  Tools for Environment Analysis

Ch 5  Environment Analysis: The Strategy-Environment Linkage

Ch 6  Resource Analysis: The Strategy-Resource Linkage

Ch 7  Management Preference Analysis: The Strategy-Management Preference Linkage

Ch 8  Strategy and Organization

Ch 9  Strategic Choice

Ch 10  Implementing Strategy: Change Agenda and Starting Conditions

Ch 11  Implementing Strategy: Guidelines and Action

Published by Pearson Canada (November 30th 2015) - Copyright © 2016