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  • A succinct coverage of the theory of strategic management building on how and why it is used in the business environment.
  • A diverse range of case studies from Manufacturing, Agriculture and Service industries are used to apply the concepts as learned.
  • A strong focus on small to medium sized businesses which reflects the Australian Business environment.
  • A variety of pedagogical features including learning objectives, summaries and discussion questions for each chapter.
  • Strategic marketing is integrated throughout the text expanding the students interest in the subject.
  • An extensive use of SWOT analysis is used to guide students through analysis and decision making in strategic management.
  • An Instructor's manual is available which has expanded learning objectives. Introductory notes for lecturers, expanded notes on SWOT analysis and suggested answers to cases and discussion questions are included.
  • Valuable and practical Diagnostic checklists are included in the Appendices covering all major aspects of strategic management.

Table of contents


How to Use This Book.

 1. The Concept of Strategy and its Application to Enterprises.

 2. The Importance of Strategic Planning.

 3. Strategic Management Models.

 4. The Model Elements I: Formulation Phase.

 5. Case Study: SAFEN.

 6. The Model Elements II: External Analysis.

 7. Identifying and Analyzing Strategies.

 8. Formulating Strategies for Competitive Advantage.

 9. Alternative Strategies.

10. From Formulation to Implementation to Evaluation.

11. Organisation Issues.

12. The SME and Strategic Management.

13. Entrepreneurship, Exporting and the SME.


 1. Adtherm Pty Ltd.

 2. Beerenberg Strawberry Farm.

 3. Computed Solutions.

 4. Fabricator.

 5. Hairdressers.

 6. Metallizing Services.

 7. Precise Tooling Pty Ltd.

 8. Printer.

 9. Restaurateurs Pty Ltd.

10. Ruralbuild Pty Ltd.

11. Tonkin's Currency Creek.

12. Tool Enterprises.

13. Trucking On Pty Ltd.



A. Checklist for All Entities.

B. Diagnostic Checklist for Entities That Make and Sell Products.

C. Diagnostic Checklist for Entities That Provide Services.

D. Diagnostic Checklist for Entities in Contracting and Subcontracting.

2. Checklist for External Environment Analysis.


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