Sustainable Tourism: A Geographical Perspective, 1st edition

  • C Michael Hall
  • C Michael Hall
  • Alan Lew
  • Alan Lew

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Sustainable Tourism is an authoritative text which provides an accessible guide to the current approaches, issues and experiences in the geography of sustainable tourism. It provides in-depth debates on the contemporary geographical approaches to sustainable tourism and provides relevant supporting global case studies.

The text is divided into two sections, the first examines a variety of contemporary approaches to sustainable tourism from a number of different disciplinary and sub-disciplinary perspectives. Contributions are made from the fields of economic geography and cultural geography as well as the more traditional resource management field. The collection of chapters help convey to the reader how issues of sustainability are related to contemporary geographical debates over restructuring, postfordism, cultural identity, and place promotion as well as research on management frameworks and techniques to ameliorate environmental impacts. The second section presents relevant and supporting case studies on sustainable tourism which vary in location and developmental context.

Sustainable Tourism is an essential text for undergraduates taking courses in tourism, environmental studies and other related courses.

Table of contents

1. Sustainable Tourism: An Introduction
2. Sustainable Tourism: Development and Protection of Cultural Heritage
3. Tourism and Sustainable Development: The Global-Local Nexus
4. Tourism and the Environment: From Economic Restructuring to Shared Responsibility
5. "Come Share Our Culture": Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous Peoples
6. Incorporating Values into Cumulative Effects Assessment: Limits of Acceptable Change and Other Tools for Tourism-Recreation Analysis
7. The Environmental History and Politics of Sustainable Tourism Development
8. Trends in the Pacific Asia Ecotourism Market
9. Ecotourism: Viable Route to Rural Development?
10. Curry County Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism Project
11. Recreational Publish Transport Initiatives in Rural Britain as Sustainable Tourism 12. Efforts at Ecotourism Development on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, Canada
13. Development in Nepal: The Annapurna Conservation Area Project
14. Sustainable Tourism Development and Local Government in New Zealand
15. Sustainable Urban Tourism
16. The Geography of Sustainable Tourism: Endings and Beginnings

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