Tamara Lackey's Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography, 1st edition

  • Tamara Lackey

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Tamara Lackey's Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography is a 96-page book and 90-minute DVD set that teaches beginning photographers simple tips and tricks for turning everyday snapshots into little works of art. A fun alternative to the digital camera manual, Tamara's entertaining and educational book covers the fundamentals of everyday life documentation, as well as those common photo-taking scenarios--like parties and special events, sports and action, or just a fun night out with friends. Tamara Lackey's Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography will teach you what you really want to know about how to turn your good photographs into great ones.

In the featured DVD, Lackey shows how to capture life's moments as they unfold naturally using her unique approach to conquering the most common and challenging photo-taking scenarios. Viewers will learn how to take better photos at home or on the go, in peaceful settings, or during life's chaotic, action-packed moments.

Tamara Lackey’s Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography was a Booklist Editors’ Choice Award Recipient in 2011.

Table of contents

1. A Brief History of Time: How We Got To Where We Are and Why We Use The Terms We Do
2. Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO: The Great Trifecta of Exposure. Understanding Settings Separately and Together
3. Camera Settings - A Breakdown: Why Preset Camera Modes Work and When To Use What Where (And Why!)
4. Expose Me (Properly, Please!): The Various Forms of In-Camera Metering and How They Read Light
5. Interaction: How Interaction Can Change The Feel of An Image, and Why Candids Work
6. Lighting: Lighting is Everything In Photography. How to Recognize It and Use It
7. Composition: How Does One Create A Compelling Image?
8. Background: And Foreground, too! Often, What's Not Your Subject Matters A Lot
9. Additional Equipment and Accessories: A Few Extra Things Can Make The Difference Between Getting The Shot or Not
10. Common Shooting Scenarios: A Walkthrough of Those Everyday Photographic Events

Published by Peachpit Press (December 8th 2011) - Copyright © 2012