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Teaching Children Who Find Reading Difficult, 4th edition

  • Timothy Rasinski
  • Nancy D. Padak
  • Gay Fawcett

Published by Pearson (March 17th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

4th edition

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Teaching Children Who Find Reading Difficult

ISBN-13: 9780132337182

Includes: Paperback
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Offering the latest intervention strategies and activities to develop and strengthen the reading skills of struggling readers,Teaching Children Who Find Reading Difficult by Tim Rasinski, Nancy Padak, and Gay Fawcett seamlessly weaves together classroom approaches to capitalize on individual students’ strengths and their abilities to access phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. New strategies provide teachers with tips for teaching English language learners and more ideas for incorporating technology into instruction. Paired with the new book club study guide questions, this edition is perfect for learning communities and professional development workshops.

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Teaching Children Who Find Reading Difficult


Chapter 1-Setting the Stage for Helping Struggling Readers

Chapter 2-Determining Instructional Needs: Assessing Readers in Action

Chapter 3- Creating an Instructional Framework

Chapter 4- Developing Positive Attitudes About Reading

Chapter 5- Preventing Reading Problems Through Early Literacy Experiences

Chapter 6- Overcoming Difficulties in Word Recognition

Chapter 7- Developing Fluent Reading in Struggling Readers

Chapter 8- Building Deep and Wide Vocabularies in Struggling Readers

Chapter 9- Developing Comprehension with Narrative Text

Chapter 10- Developing Comprehension with Informational Text

Chapter 11- Writing Development

Chapter 12-Putting It All Together: Developing Instructional Systems and Routines That Work for Students who Struggle in Reading

Chapter 13- Involving Parents in Children’s Reading

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