Teaching Science Through Inquiry-Based Instruction, 13th edition

  • Terry L. Contant
  • Joel L Bass
  • Anne A Tweed
  • Arthur A. Carin


Teaching Science Through Inquiry-Based Instruction gives you a theoretical foundation and practical advice and resources for teaching science to elementary and middle school students. You'll get a view of the current state of science education at these levels, including performance expectations and national standards.

Table of contents

1. Science and Science Education
2. Getting Ready for Inquiry Instruction
3. Creating a Positive Classroom Environment
4. Learning Science with Understanding
5. Engaging in Inquiry-Based Instruction and Using the 5-E Model
6. Effective Questioning
7. Assessing Science Learning
8. Using Technology Tools and Resources for Science Learning
9. Connecting Science with Other Subjects
10. Making Science Accessible for All Learners

Appendix A: Science Process Skills
Activities Intro
Activities Section 1: Physical Science Activities
Activities Section 2: Life Science Activities
Activities Section 3: Earth and Space Science Activities
Activities Section 4: Engineering Design Activities

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