Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators, 3rd edition

  • Sandra DeYoung

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This student-friendly, easy-to-read text is the best resource for the nurse educator.


Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators, 3e, prepares graduate nursing students to be nurse educators in settings of staff development, patient education, or academia—covering commonalities of teaching that pertain to all three. Based on a strong foundation in educational theory and practical teaching strategies, constructive information and cutting-edge content emphasize the theories and strategies most likely to be used in the field of nursing and health education. References to the most current evidence-based research on effective teaching practices are imbedded throughout the text. This book guides the nurse educator through the entire teaching process, from planning learning to conducting classes, applying traditional teaching methods and innovative technology, both in the classroom and within the context of distance learning platforms. After studying this text, the new (or renewed) nurse educator will be able to teach with a sound understanding of basic learning theory and an excitement about the many approaches she or he can use to achieve desired learning outcomes.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This book offers a current look at teaching strategies for educators in the nursing and health fields. It provides:

  • Overview of teaching and learning processes: Focuses on understanding the learning process and the many variables that affect learning
  • Teaching strategies: Covers advantages and disadvantages, purposes and uses of the methods, and research on the strategies that are discussed
  • Superior pedagogical features: Gives students the tools to master key concepts faster and more effectively

Table of contents

PART I  Teaching and Learning 

            Chapter 1       Good Teaching         

            Chapter 2       Learning Theory                  

            Chapter 3       Teaching to Diversity

            Chapter 4       Planning and Conducting Classes  


PART II  Teaching Strategies

            Chapter 5       Traditional Teaching Strategies

            Chapter 6       Activity-Based Teaching Strategies

            Chapter 7       Computer-mediated Teaching and Learning

            Chapter 8       Distance Education

            Chapter 9       Teaching Psychomotor Skills

            Chapter 10     Promoting and Assessing Critical Thinking                                  

            Chapter 11     Clinical Teaching

            Chapter 12     Assessing and Evaluating Learning


PART III  The Professional Educator

            Chapter 13     Becoming a Faculty Member

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