The American Journey: A History of the United States, Volume 1 (To 1877), 8th edition

  • David Goldfield
  • Carl Abbott
  • Virginia Anderson
  • Jo Ann E. Argersinger
  • Peter H. Argersinger
  • William M. Barney

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Frame American history through personal and collective journeys
REVEL™ for The American Journey: A History of the United States traces the journeys — geographical, ideological, political, and social — that make up the American experience. Harnessing the stories of individuals from different eras, the authors present a strong, clear narrative that makes American history accessible to students. Offering a blend of political and social histories, REVEL for the Eighth Edition continues to show that our attempt to live up to our American ideals is an ongoing journey — one that has become increasingly more inclusive of different groups and ideas.

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Table of contents

1. Worlds Apart
2. Transplantation and Adaptation, 1600–1685
3. A Meeting of Cultures
4. English Colonies in an Age of Empire, 1660s–1763
5. Imperial Breakdown, 1763–1774
6. The War for Independence, 1774–1783
7. The First Republic, 1776–1789
8. A New Republic and the Rise of Parties, 1789–1800
9. The Triumph and Collapse of Jeffersonian Republicanism, 1800–1824
10. The Jacksonian Era, 1824–1845
11. Slavery and the Old South, 1800–1860
12. The Market Revolution and Social Reform, 1815–1850
13. The Way West, 1815–1850
14. The Politics of Sectionalism, 1846–1861
15. Battle Cries and Freedom Songs: The Civil War, 1861–1865
16. Reconstruction, 1865–1877

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