The Basics of American Politics, 16th edition

  • Gary Wasserman
  • Elliott Fullmer


The Basics of American Politics offers a concise and accessible introduction to the nuts and bolts of the American system of government. Throughout this brief, student-friendly text, author Gary Wasserman and new co-author Elliott Fullmer employ a dynamic game metaphor to engage students in the basics of American government and the contact sport of politics. The 16th Edition offers fresh topics that exemplify these times of political upheaval and reform, including President Trump’s recent policies as well as resistance from the left in the form of the #metoo movement and the actions of sanctuary cities.

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Table of contents

1. What Is Politics?
2. The Constitution: Rules of the Game
3. The Executive Branch: The Presidency and Bureaucracy
4. The Legislative Branch: Congress
5. The Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court and the Federal Court System
6. Civil Rights and Liberties: Protecting the Players
7. Voters and Political Parties
8. Interest Groups and the Media
9. Who Wins, Who Loses: Pluralism versus Elitism

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Published by Pearson (June 14th 2019) - Copyright © 2020