The Struggle for Freedom, Volume 2: Since 1865, 3rd edition

  • Clayborne Carson
  • Emma J. Lapsansky-Werner
  • Gary B. Nash

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For courses in History of African Americans
A biographical approach to the African American experience
Revel™ The Struggle for Freedom: A History of African Americans provides a compelling narrative of the black experience in America centered around individual African American lives. Emphasizing African Americans’ insistent call to the nation to deliver on the constitutional promises made to all its citizens, authors Clayborne Carson, Emma Lapsansky-Werner, and Gary B. Nash weave African American history into a larger story of American economic and political history. The 3rd Edition offers fully updated content on the legacy of Barack Obama’s presidency, the state of the contemporary struggle for African American freedom, and the meaning of the 2016 presidential election.

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Table of contents

11. Post-Civil War Reconstruction: A New National Era
12. The Post-Reconstruction Era
13. “Colored” Becomes “Negro” in the Progressive Era
14. The Making of a “New Negro”: World War I to the Great Depression
15. The New Politics of the Great Depression
16. Fighting Fascism Abroad and Racism at Home
17. Emergence of a Mass Movement against Jim Crow
18. Marching toward Freedom, 1961–1966
19. Resistance, Repression, and Retrenchment, 1967–1978
20. The Search for New Directions During a Conservative Era, 1979–1991
21. Continuing Struggles over Rights and Identity, 1992–2004
22. Barack Obama and the Promise of Change, 2004–Present

Published by Pearson (January 10th 2018) - Copyright © 2019