Tort Law for Paralegals, 2nd edition

  • George E. Guay III
  • Robert Cummins

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Tort Law for Paralegals, Second Edition offers a unique perspective that frames torts within the context of the litigation process. Covering all major torts, it breaks each one down into its essential elements so readers learn what the plaintiff will have to prove to win the case. With this court room focus, the authors explore negligence, business torts, liabilities and intentional torts. Filled with updated cases and laws, this edition includes a new chapter on torts and relationships. Unique in perspective, it encourages students to move beyond just memorization using critical thinking questions and hypothetical scenarios that encourage application.

Table of contents

1.      Foundations of Tort Law

2.      Litigating a Cause of Action in Tort Law

3.      The Tort of Negligence

4.      Proof of Negligence

5.      Defenses to Negligence

6.      Premises Liability

7.      Intentional Torts

8.      Misrepresentation, Interference with Economic Relations, and Other Business-Related Torts

9.      Doctrine of Nuisance

10.  Defenses to Intentional Torts

11.  Privilege and Immunity from Tort Liability

12.  Strict Liability

13.  Product Liability

14.  Vicarious Liability

15.  Torts and Relationships: Loss of Consortium

Published by Pearson (January 3rd 2013) - Copyright © 2014