Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice, 2nd edition

  • Janet L. Storch
  • Patricia Rodney
  • Rosalie Starzomski

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This enhanced edition of Toward a Moral Horizon will meet the needs of many, since this entire text is constructed to help nurses and all health care providers to take up the challenge of embedding ethics in health care practice, education, research, and policy at all levels -- from local to global.   

Table of contents



Part 1: Background on the Moral Terrain

Chapter 1    Nursing Ethics: The Moral Terrain

            Author: Janet L. Storch

Chapter 2    A Historical Perspective on Nursing and Nursing Ethics

            Authors: Marianne Lamb and Janet L. Storch

Chapter 3    Philosophical Contributions to Nursing Ethics

            Authors: Barbara Pesut and Joy L. Johnson

Chapter 4    Our Theoretical Landscape: A Brief History of Health Care Ethics

            Authors: Patricia Rodney, Michael Burgess, J. Craig Phillips, Gladys McPherson, and Helen Brown

Chapter 5    Our Theoretical Landscape: Complementary Approaches to Health Care Ethics

            Authors: Patricia Rodney, Michael Burgess, Bernadette M. Pauly, and J. Craig Phillips

Chapter 6    Narrative Ethics in Health Promotion and Care

            Author: Jeffrey Nisker

Chapter 7    Relational Ethics for Health Care

            Author: Vangie Bergum

Chapter 8    Relational Practice and Nursing Obligations

            Authors: Gweneth Hartrick Doane and Colleen Varcoe

Chapter 9    Moral Agency: Relational Connections and Support

            Authors: Patricia Rodney, Sue Kadyschuk, Joan Liaschenko, Helen Brown, Lynn Musto, and Nickie Snyder

Chapter 10    The Moral Climate of Nursing Practice: Inquiry and Action

            Authors: Patricia Rodney, Barbara Buckley, Annette Street, Elena Serrano, and Lee Ann Martin

Chapter 11    Building Moral Community: Fostering Place Ethics in Twenty-First Century Health Care Systems for a Healthier World

            Author: Patricia Marck


Part 2: Current Applications of Health Care Ethics/Nursing Ethics

Chapter 12    Ethics and Canadian Health Care

            Authors: Bernadette M. Pauly and Janet L. Storch

Chapter 13    Working Within the Landscape: Ethics in Practice

            Authors: Patricia Rodney, Lori d'Agincourt Canning, Gladys McPherson, Joan Anderson, Michael McDonald, Bernadette M. Pauly, Michael Burgess, and J. Craig Phillips

Chapter 14    Research Ethics and Nursing

            Authors: Kathleen (Kathy) Oberle and Janet L. Storch

Chapter 15    Educative Spaces for Teaching and Learning Ethical Practice in Nursing

            Authors: Helen Brown and Gayle Allison

Chapter 16    Listening Authentically to Youthful Voices: A Conception of the Moral Agency of Children

            Author: Franco A. Carnevale

Chapter 17    Ethics and End-of-Life Decisions

            Authors: Janet L. Storch, Rosalie Starzomski, and Patricia Rodney

Chapter 18    A Further Landscape: Ethics in Health Care Organizations and Health/Health Care Policy

            Authors: Patricia Rodney, MaryLou Harrigan, Bashir Jiwani, Michael Burgess, and J. Craig Phillips


Part 3: Broadening the View of Health Care Ethics/Nursing Ethics

Chapter 19    Home Health Care: Ethics, Politics, and Policy

            Author: Elizabeth Peter

Chapter 20    Ethics of Public Health

            Author: Marjorie MacDonald

Chapter 21    Challenging Health Inequities: Enacting Social Justice in Nursing Practice

            Author: Bernadette M. Pauly

Chapter 22    Opening Pandora's Box: The Ethical Challenges of Xenotransplantation: A Biotechnology Exemplar

            Author: Rosalie Starzomski

Chapter 23    Ethical Issues in Pregnancy and Reproduction

            Authors: Chris Kaposy and Francoise Baylis

Chapter 24    Genetics and Identity: Diagnosis, Management and Prevention of Health Conditions

            Authors: Susan M. Cox and Jehannine C. Austin

Chapter 25    Neuroethics: An Emerging Field of Scholarship and Practice

            Authors: Eric Racine and Cynthia Forlini

Chapter 26    To Boldly Go Forward: Epilogue and Future Horizons

            Authors: Janet L. Storch, Rosalie Starzomski, and Patricia Rodney


Appendix A    Storch Model for Ethical Decision-Making Guiding Questions for Clinical Decision Making

            Author: Janet L. Storch

Appendix B    An Ethical Decision Making Framework for Individuals

            Author: Michael McDonald

Appendix C    An Ethical Framework for Making Allocation Decisions

            Author: Michael McDonald





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