Traitement de textes: Une introduction à l'expression écrite, 1st edition

  • Elizabeth New
  • Virginia M. Scott


KEY BENEFIT: This brief manual is designed to help readers generate ideas, write, edit, revise, and work with word processing as they learn to write in French. It involves readers in activities in which they explore their attitudes about writing, learn about the writing process, describe a person, write a letter, tell a story, explain a concept, and express an opinion. Provides ample space for writing right in the manual. KEY TOPICS: Each chapter follows the same format: A brief discussion in English; an explanation of the writing task in French; brainstorming activities; writing activities (on the computer or with pencil and paper) based on the ideas generated from the brainstorming sessions; a model text followed by activities that help readers understand the text and inspire them with new ideas; writing, editing and revising activities; a composition grading guide that corresponds to the pre-writing, writing, and editing activities that readers have completed; a supplementary section with brief grammar notes and activities. MARKET: For those at the intermediate-level who want to develop/improve their skills in writing in French.

Table of contents

Petit lexique (computer terms in French).

Fichier 1: Comprendre et procéder.

Fichier 2: Décrire une personne.

Fichier 3: Écrire une lettre.

Fichier 4: Raconter un événement.

Fichier 5: Expliquer une idée.

Fichier 6: Exprimer une opinion.

Lexique français/anglais.

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