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  5. Transforming the School Counseling Profession (Subscription)

Transforming the School Counseling Profession, 4th edition

  • Bradley T. Erford
Transforming the School Counseling Profession (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780133577280

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4th edition

Published byPearson (January 9th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

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From one of the most respected authors in the field—a revision of the book that is transforming the way thousands of professional school counselors approach their work with students


This book explains in a clear, concise manner how school counselors can effectively intervene systemically and personally on behalf of students, and how systemic, data-driven school counseling programs are effectively implemented through important leadership, advocacy, accountability, and diversity initiatives. School counselors in training get invaluable advice for preparing to enter their careers as a professional school counselors, and experienced professional school counselors and counselor supervisors get new perspectives and detailed descriptions for program development. Important foundational issues in developmental classroom guidance, individual and group counseling, consultation, collaboration and parental involvement, career and educational planning, and ethics and the law are introduced in easy to understand language, and illustrated with examples, case studies, and vignettes.


This updated information in this revision helps readers keep pace with the rapidly changing field by accurately reflecting the changes in practice and in the literature, and by providing direction and leadership for future practice and scholarship.

Table of contents


                About the Editor

                About the Authors  

Chapter 1       Transforming the School Counseling Profession: Current Models, Historical Roots and Future Issues  

Bradley T. Erford

Chapter 2       The ASCA National Model: Developing a Comprehensive, Developmental School Counseling Program  

Bradley T. Erford

Chapter 3       Transformational Thinking in Today’s Schools  

Patricia J. Martin

Chapter 4       Systemic, Data-Driven School Counseling Practice and Programming for Equity  

Vivian V. Lee and Gary E. Goodnough

Chapter 5       Accountability: Assessing Needs, Determining Outcomes, and Evaluating Programs  

Bradley T. Erford

Chapter 6       Outcomes Research on School Counseling Interventions and Programs  

Susan C. Whiston, Rachel Feldwisch and Barbara James

Chapter 7       Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in School Counseling  

Lynn Linde

Chapter 8       Culturally Competent School Counselors: Affirming Diversity by Challenging Oppression  

Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy and Stuart F. Chen-Hayes

Chapter 9       Leadership and Advocacy for Every Student’s Achievement and Opportunity

Stuart F. Chen-Hayes, and Yvette Q. Getch

Chapter 10     Developmental Classroom Guidance  

Gary E. Goodnough, Rachelle Pérusse, and Bradley T. Erford

Chapter 11     Academic Development and Planning for College and Career Readiness K-12

          Stuart F. Chen-Hayes and Melissa S. Ockerman

Chapter 12     Promoting Career Planning in Schools  

Hyoyeon In, Patrick Akos, and Spencer G. Niles

Chapter 13     Counseling Individuals and Groups in School  

Bradley T. ErfordBradley T. Erford

Chapter 14     Consultation, Collaboration, and Encouraging Parent Involvement  

Bradley T. Erford

Chapter 15     Systemic Approaches to Counseling Students Experiencing Complex and Specialized Problems  

Bradley T. Erford, Vivian V. Lee, and Elana Rock

Chapter 16     The Professional School Counselor and Students with Disabilities  

Elana Rock and Erin H. Leff

Chapter 17     Helping Students with Mental and Emotional Disorders  

Bradley T. Erford


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