Transition Management: A Practical Approach for Personal and Professional Development, 1st edition

  • Sandra L. McKee
  • Brenda Walters

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This book is a roadmap to a satisfying life. Readers will receive guidance in the form of new insights and tools to help them as they face life-changing decisions, events, or circumstances, whether in their personal or career situation. Managing change as a transition to a higher level of satisfaction lets people move forward with their lives in a healthy way. Transition Management: A Practical Approach to Personal and Professional Development will facilitate that process by sharing the years of research and experience the authors have gained in helping clients and students do just that. Whether this book supports a college class, an industry training seminar, or an individual seeking to better direct his or her life, many features make it both useful and appealing:

  • A relaxed and engaging writing style for easy reading
  • Advice and insights from individuals on the other side of successful transitions
  • Life management skills that are readily applicable to daily life
  • Coach's Corner, where industry experts share valuable guidance, in each chapter
  • Real-life scenarios that evoke critical and thoughtful analysis
  • Trade secrets and first-hand experiences to increase career savvy
  • Goal-setting guidance to ensure positive direction for change

Table of contents

 1. Transitions and Life Changes.

 2. Moving Toward Your Goals.

 3. Organizing Time and Tasks.

 4. Maintaining Growth.

 5. Creating a Positive Attitude.

 6. Improving Your Communication Style.

 7. Problem-Solving.

 8. Confronting Conflict.

 9. Self-Nurturing for Survival.

10. Self-Advocacy.

11. Developing a Support Network.

12. Maintaining Personal Relationships.

13. Launching Your Career.

14. Lifelong Career Management.

Published by Pearson (December 6th 2001) - Copyright © 2002