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  4. Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, The

Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, The, 1st edition

  • Michael Miller

Published by Que Publishing (October 29th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

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  • Your expert, up-to-the-minute, A-Z reference & how-to guide
  • Choose the right goals, media, & tools
  • Plan, execute, measure, & optimize
  • Avoid costly mistakes!

Now, one amazing book brings together ALL the reliable, detailed information you need to make the most of web, online, mobile, and social marketing.


It’s ALL here: SEO, pay-per-click, mobile marketing, social media marketing, “PR 2.0,” analytics, email marketing, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook, blogs, podcasts, and much more. Discover how to choose the right approaches, combine them into a coherent, optimized strategy, and measure your results. Find realistic answers to your most crucial questions...get “from the trenches” insights that save you money...learn to drive more value faster.



  • Creating effective web/online marketing plans and budgets
  • Integrating online and traditional marketing
  • Designing great sites--including ecommerce sites
  • Getting actionable answers from web analytics
  • Profiting from search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO)
  • Executing winning pay-per-click and display ad campaigns
  • Developing effective email lists and campaigns
  • Building two-way conversations with customers and prospects
  • Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Creating an online PR media room
  • Marketing through YouTube and podcasts
  • Selling through iPhone and Android apps
  • Managing web/online marketing coherently and efficiently
  • Tracking performance--and improving it!


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Table of contents

Introduction     1

Part I: Web Marketing 101

1 Revisiting Marketing Fundamentals     7

Back to Basics: What Is Marketing?      7

The New Basics: What Is Web Marketing?      9

Essential Web Marketing Skills     10

The Most Important Skill: Think Like the Customer     14

The Bottom Line     16

2 Understanding the Components of Web Marketing     17

Web Marketing Is Your Online Presence     17

Web Marketing Is Search Engine Marketing     18

Web Marketing Is Online Advertising     20

Web Marketing Is Email Marketing     20

Web Marketing Is Blog Marketing     22

Web Marketing Is Social Media Marketing     22

Web Marketing Is Online Public Relations     24

Web Marketing Is Multimedia Marketing     25

Web Marketing Is Mobile Marketing     25

The Bottom Line     26

Part II: Planning Your Online Activities

3 Balancing and Budgeting Online Activities     29

Creating an Effective Web Marketing Mix     29

Coordinating Your Web Marketing Activities     35

Setting Your Web Marketing Budget     36

The Bottom Line     40

4 Integrating Online and Traditional Marketing     43

Splitting Your Budget     43

Online and Traditional Analogs     44

Which Activities Can You Eliminate?      47

Coordinating Web Marketing and Traditional Marketing     49

The Bottom Line     50

5 Online Research and Analysis     53

Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research     53

Researching Traffic Patterns with Web Analytics     56

Researching Customer Opinions with Polls and Surveys      58

Researching Customer Behavior with Comment Analysis     59

Researching the Competition     60

Researching Virtually Anything with Web Search     62

Other Sources of Online Research     63

The Bottom Line     63

6 Creating a Web Marketing Plan     65

Why You Need a Web Marketing Plan.      65

Understanding the Elements of a Marketing Plan     66

Writing Your Marketing Plan     71

The Bottom Line     73

Part III: Website Presence

7 Designing an Effective Website     75

Creating Your First Website     75

Website Design: Keep It Simple.      79

Be Wary of Technology--and Design     81

Content Matters     82

Navigating Your Site     84

Website Look and Feel     89

Consider Color     91

Creating Unique Landing Pages     93

The Bottom Line     93

8 Creating an Ecommerce Website     97

Different Ways to Sell     97

What Goes Into an Ecommerce Website?      98

Promoting Your Site     101

Utilizing Search Engine Marketing and Shopping Directories     102

The Bottom Line     104

9 Tracking Website Analytics     107

Understanding Web Analytics     107

Who Uses Web Analytics?      108

How Web Analytics Works     108

Key Web Analytics Metrics     109

What to Look For     110

Web Analytics Tools     113

Getting to Know Google Analytics     114

The Bottom Line.      116

Part IV: Search Engine Marketing

10 Understanding Search Engine Marketing     119

Search Engine Marketing Explained     119

How Search Engines Work     122

Examining the Major Search Engines     126

The Bottom Line     131

11 Essential Search Engine Optimization     133

What Search Engines Look For 133

Optimizing Your Site's Content 136

Optimizing Your Site's Keywords 139

Optimizing Your Site's HTML Tags 142

TITLE Tags 142

Optimizing Your Site's Design and Organization 146

Optimizing Inbound Links 148

Optimizing Images 152

The Bottom Line 154

12 Advanced SEO Techniques157

Submitting Your Site to the Search Engines 157

Creating a Sitemap 160

SEO for Local Search 163

SEO for Mobile Search 166

SEO for Blogs 167

SEO Tools 170

The Bottom Line 171

13 Tracking Search Performance173

Why It Pays to Improve Your Performance 173

What to Look For 174

Tracking Site Traffic with Web Analytics 175

The Ultimate Metric: Search Engine Rank 176

Tracking Individual Search Engine Performance 177

Third-Party Tracking Tools 181

Tracking Your Competitors 182

The Bottom Line 183

Part V: Online Advertising

14 Understanding Online Advertising185

How Online Advertising Differs from Traditional Advertising 185

Different Payment Models 187

Types of Online Ads 190

Online Ad Technologies 197

Affiliate Marketing 198

Getting to Know the Big Players 199

Trends in Online Advertising 200

The Bottom Line 202

15 Pay-per-Click Advertising205

Understanding Pay-per-Click and Contextual Advertising 205

Choosing the Right Keywords 211

Bidding the Right Price 215

Writing Effective Ad Copy 220

Creating PPC Image Ads 225

Maximizing Conversion with a Custom Landing Page 226

Choosing a PPC Ad Network 229

Other Sites for PPC Advertising 232

The Bottom Line 236

16 Display Advertising239

Are Display Ads Effective? 239

When to Employ Display Advertising 241

Choosing a Payment Model 241

Setting a Display Ad Budget 242

Examining Rich Media Ads 242

Choosing a Display Ad Format 245

Best Practices: Creating Effective Display Ads 247

Where to Purchase Web Display Ads 252

The Bottom Line 253

17 Tracking Ad Performance257

Using Tracking Tools 257

Evaluating Key Metrics 260

Testing and Tracking Ad Strategies 264

The Bottom Line 265

Part VI: Email Marketing

18 Understanding Email Marketing267

Email Marketing Is Big Business 267

Email Marketing Is Effective 268

Email Marketing Is Direct Marketing 268

Email Marketing Is Customer Retention Marketing 270

Email Marketing Is One-to-One Marketing 270

Email Marketing Is Database Marketing 271

Email Marketing Is Permission Marketing 272

Email Marketing Is Frequent Marketing 273

Email Marketing Is Inexpensive Marketing 275

Email Marketing Is Trackable Marketing. 276

The Bottom Line 276

19 Building Email Mailing Lists279

Creating an Email List 279

Purchasing or Renting Names 284

Managing Your Lists 285

Avoiding Spamming--by Asking Permission 288

Who Does the Work? 289

The Bottom Line 290

20 Developing an Email Marketing Campaign293

Deciding What--and When--to Promote 293

Constructing the Promotional Message 298

Personalizing Your Mailings 305

What Not to Do 306

The Bottom Line 307

21 Tracking Email Marketing Performance309

Determining Key Metrics 309

Tracking Email Data 312

The Bottom Line 313

Part VII: Blog Marketing

22 Understanding Blog Marketing315

Getting to Know the Blogosphere 315

What Are Company Blogs Good For? 317

Running Your Own Blog 320

Marketing to Other Blogs 321

The Bottom Line 322

23 Creating a Company or Product Blog325

Why Create a Company Blog? 325

Where Should the Blog Reside? 329

Building the Blog 330

Designing Your Blog 332

Allowing Comments--or Not. 334

Determining Who Contributes to the Blog 335

Deciding What to Write About 336

Writing Blog Posts 337

Optimizing Your Blog for Search 340

Common Corporate Blogging Mistakes 340

Promoting Your Blog 341

The Bottom Line 342

24 Marketing to the Blogosphere345

Why Blogs--and Bloggers--Are Important 345

How to Get Bloggers to Notice and Mention You 346

Giving Bloggers Everything They Need 348

Buying Blog Placements 349

The Bottom Line 351

25 Tracking Blog Marketing Performance353

Tracking the Performance of Your Company Blog 353

Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Blog PR Efforts 356

The Bottom Line 357

Part VIII: Social Media Marketing

26 Understanding Social Media359

Inside the World of Social Media 359

The History of Social Media 360

Examining Different Types of Social Media 362

Why Social Media Matters to Marketers 368

Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy 370

The Bottom Line 372

27 Participating in Social Networking373

What Goes On in a Social Network 373

Becoming Part of the Community 376

Monitoring Social Media 378

Responding to Online Comments 380

The Bottom Line 382

28 Marketing on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter385

Marketing via a Facebook Fan Page 385

Marketing via a Facebook Application. 389

Cross-Marketing with a Facebook Like Button 391

Utilizing More Facebook Social Plugins 393

Marketing on MySpace 395

Marketing with Twitter 397

Sharing and Bookmarking via Social Media 403

Constructing an Effective Social Media Campaign 404

Advertising on Social Media 406

Integrating Your Efforts Across Multiple Social Media 411

The Bottom Line 414

29 Tracking Social Media Marketing Performance417

Tracking Hard Performance Metrics 417

Evaluating Social Media Performance Subjectively 419

Different Metrics for Different Social Media 421

The Bottom Line 423

Part IX: Online PR

30 Understanding Online PR425

What Is Online PR--and How Does It Differ from Traditional PR? 425

Using the New Technology 428

The Benefits of Online PR 430

The Bottom Line 431

31 Developing New Sources and Techniques433

Developing New Online Sources 433

Skills and Techniques for Online PR 437

Learning the Art of Online Press Releases 438

The Bottom Line 441

32 Creating an Online Press Room443

Why Do You Need a Press Room on Your Website? 443

Stocking Your Online Press Room 445

Locating Your Online Press Room 450

Organizing Your Online Press Room 451

Informing Journalists of New News 452

The Bottom Line 453

33 Tracking Online PR Performance455

Tracking Placements 455

Tracking Traffic and Conversions 456

The Bottom Line 458

Part X: Multimedia Marketing

34 Understanding Multimedia Marketing461

What Is Multimedia Marketing? 461

Understanding Podcasts 462

Understanding Web Videos 464

Incorporating Multimedia into Your Marketing Mix 465

The Bottom Line 466

35 Podcast Marketing469

Creating a Podcast: The Technical Details 469

Creating a Podcast: The Marketing Strategy 471

Distributing Your Podcast 472

Promoting Your Podcasts 475

The Bottom Line 475

36 Video Marketing477

Is Web Video Right for Your Business? 477

Welcome to YouTube 478

How YouTube Works 480

What Kinds of Videos Work Best? 481

Creating a YouTube Video 485

Creating Compelling Content 489

Driving Viewers to Your Website 492

Promoting Your YouTube Videos--Organically 495

Advertising Your YouTube Videos 500

The Bottom Line 504

37 Tracking Multimedia Marketing Performance507

Tracking Podcast Performance 507

Tracking Video Performance 509

The Bottom Line. 512

Part XI: Mobile Marketing

38 Understanding Mobile Marketing515

What Is Mobile Marketing--and Why Is It Important? 515

How Mobile Marketing Differs from Traditional Web Marketing 518

Exploiting Mobile Search 520

Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy 521

The Bottom Line 521

39 Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website523

Why You Need a Mobile Website 523

Creating a Mobile Website 525

Options: How to Host Your Mobile Site 532

The Bottom Line 534

40 Advertising on Mobile Devices537

How Important Is Mobile Advertising? 537

Determining What Type of Advertising to Do--and Where to Do It 538

Creating a Mobile Ad 541

Targeting the Mobile Customer 542

The Bottom Line 543

41 Marketing via Mobile Apps545

What Is a Mobile App--and Why Should You Care? 545

Building an Effective Mobile App 547

Marketing Your Mobile App 553

The Bottom Line 554

42 Tracking Mobile Marketing Performance557

Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Website 557

Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Advertising 561

Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Apps 562

The Bottom Line 563

Part XII: Online Marketing Management

43 Managing Your Web Marketing Activities565

Managing Your Web Marketing Mix 565

Managing Your Staff 568

Managing Your Budget 569

Managing Results 570

Managing Change 571

Managing Management 572

Managing Your Time. 573

The Bottom Line 574

44 Looking to the Future577

Email Is Dying 577

Blogs Are Fading 578

Social Networking Is Taking Over 579

Mobility Matters 580

Narrowcasting Gets Big 580

All Marketing Is Local--and Global 581

Embracing Change 582

The Bottom Line 583

A Glossary585

Index 595

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