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Understanding Delinquency, 1st edition

  • Hugh D. Barlow
  • Theodore N. Ferdinand

Published by Pearson (January 13th 1997) - Copyright © 1992

1st edition


In a comprehensive examination of juvenile delinquency, this book explores several distinctive types of delinquent: sporadic and chronic delinquents, the female delinquent, the status offender, the substance abuser, and the gang delinquent.

Table of contents

 1. The Nature of Delinquency.

 2. Finding Out About Delinquency.

 3. The Sporadic Delinquent.

 4. The Chronic Delinquent.

 5. Gang Delinquency.

 6. Youth, Drugs, and Alcohol.

 7. Status Offending.

 8. Delinquency and Gender.

 9. Community: Neighborhoods, Family, Peers, Schools.

10. Comparative Delinquency: Europe and Asia.

11. Thinking about Theory.

12. Social Theories of Delinquency.

13. Juvenile Justice at the Crossroads.

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