Understanding Immunology, 3rd edition

  • Peter Wood

Understanding Immunology

ISBN-13:  9780273730682


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Understanding Immunology is a well-established introduction to this complex subject for readers with no previous exposure. It is aimed primarily at undergraduates in biological sciences, biomedical sciences and medicine. The selection and order of topic coverage is designed to instruct effectively, and a variety of boxed examples add depth and historical context for those readers wanting to go beyond the essentials.

Table of contents

  • 1 The threat to the body: the role and requirements of the immune system
  • 2 The immediate response to infection: innate immunity and the inflammatory response
  • 3 Specific immune recognition: B lymphocytes and the antibody molecule   
  • 4 T lymphocytes and MHC-associated recognition of antigen
  • 5 Lymphocyte development and the generation of antigen receptors  
  • 6 Anatomy of the immune system  
  • 7 Anatomical and cellular aspects of antibody production   
  • 8 Effector mechanisms: dealing with pathogens in vivo (1)  Antibody-mediated responses  
  • 9 Effector mechanisms: dealing with pathogens in vivo (2) Cell-mediated immunity   
  • 10  Immunological memory and vaccination, the production and use of antibodies  
  • 11  Immunological tolerance and regulation – why doesn’t the immune system attack ourselves?   
  • 12  Autoimmune diseases   
  • 13  Allergy and other hypersensitivities
  • 14  AIDS   
  • 15  Manipulating the immune system: transplantation and tumours
  • Glossary  
  • Index

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