• Yuri Rubinsky
  • Murray Maloney

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HTML is the universal language of the World Wide Web. It is the best known and most widely used application of a more powerful and general language—SGML.

SGML: think of it as HTML with a whole lot more intelligence and flexibility.

With SGML, you can create documents that cost less to update and organize, look better, and are much more useful. Now, with SGML on the Web, you can use the extraordinary power of SGML on the World Wide Web or your corporate intranet.

If you're already familiar with the benefits of HTML, SGML on the Web builds on what you already know, showing you the easiest ways to use SGML to add value to your documents. Then, through more than 40 example documents and case studies, you'll discover just how much you can accomplish with SGML, including:

  • Dramatically easier document updates
  • Computer-based training that can be delivered more quickly than ever before
  • Large documents that can assemble themselves automatically from multiple sources
  • Easy, quick access to related information, through sophisticated SGML hyperlinks

The SGML on the Web CD-ROM includes everything you need to make the most of SGML on the Web—starting with Softquad Panorama PRO, a full-featured SGML browser. There's even a powerful set of tools for creating and processing SGML documents.

It's time you supercharged your Web site or intranet with the power of SGML—don't wait another day.

Published by Pearson (February 13th 1997) - Copyright © 1996