Understanding Psychology, 12th edition

  • Charles G. Morris
  • Albert A. Maisto


Understanding Psychology highlights the enduring issues in the field to help you see the surprising unity and coherence of this diverse, exciting science. By taking a thematic approach to key issues, the authors help you understand both the essential concepts and the real-life applications of the discipline.

Table of contents

1. The Science of Psychology
2. The Biological Basis of Behavior
3. Sensation and Perception
4. States of Consciousness
5. Learning
6. Memory
7. Cognition and Mental Abilities
8. Motivation and Emotion
9. Life-Span Development
10. Personality
11. Stress and Health Psychology
12. Psychological Disorders
13. Therapies
14. Social Psychology
Appendix A: Measurement and Statistical Methods
Appendix B: Psychology Applied to Work

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2018) - Copyright © 2019