Welding Basics, 1st edition

  • Jeff Gill

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Appropriate for non-majors welding courses at community/career colleges, including construction and automotive apprenticeship programs and continuing education courses. This book contains all of the required curriculum materials for a basic welding course, including the theory component, as well as detailed “in-shop” instructions. The in-shop instructions are simple yet precise and backed up with photographs.

Table of contents

Introduction — How to Use This Book.

 1. What Is Welding?

 2. Arc Welding Theory.

 3. Arc Welding Equipment.

 4. Arc Welding Safety.

 5. Project.

 6. Downhand Vee and Fillet.

 7. Out-of-Position Welding.

 8. Vertical Welding.

 9. Overhead Welding.

10. Electrode Classification and Selection.

11. Welding Symbols.

12. GMAW (MIG) Theory and Safety.

13. GMAW Equipment.

14. Light Gauge Welding.

15. Welding Heavy Plate.

Published by Pearson Canada (March 31st 1998) - Copyright © 1998