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Windows Forms 2.0 Programming, 2nd edition

  • Chris Sells
  • Michael Weinhardt

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (May 16th 2006) - Copyright © 2006

2nd edition

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Windows Forms 2.0 Programming

ISBN-13: 9780132800150

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“Some books are different-the content can't be Googled from the Internet, the authors have real-life experiences to share, the code can be used in real-world projects. This is one of those books.”

–Neal Myrddin, Independent Developer


“Chris and Michael nail the soul of Windows Forms 2.0. This book provides an insightful view into the design of Windows Forms and the integration of new 2.0 features. It is just as applicable for the first-time Windows Forms programmer as the seasoned line of business developer. The ‘What’s New in 2.0’ appendix is worth the price of admission alone.”

–Mike Harsh, Windows Forms Program Manager, Microsoft, Inc.


“This book takes an amazingly broad and deep technology, and breaks it into manageable pieces that are easily consumed. You cannot survive building a complex WinForms application without this book.”

–Ryan Dorrell, Chief Technology Officer, AgileThought


Windows Forms 2.0 Programming offers something for every .NET developer. Experienced developers will appreciate the in-depth coverage of new 2.0 features, including the most comprehensive coverage of ClickOnce deployment, multithreading, and the new designer integration found anywhere. Developers new to Winforms programming will appreciate the coverage of the fundamentals all Winforms developers need to know. Whether you’re an experienced WinForms developer or just beginning, you need this book.” 

–Fritz Onion, cofounder of Pluralsight, author of Essential ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVP


“I don’t want just a description of the WinForms widgets. I can get that online or from other books. What I want is a roadmap for pitfalls to avoid, and innovative solutions for common problems. That is where this book shines. All of us who found the first edition of this book to be an indispensible part of our reference library will appreciate this updated edition that describes WinForms 2.0.”

–Johan Ericsson, Software Engineer, Agilent Technologies


“The books Chris Sells writes are always insightful and this newest addition is no different. This book in particular is for those who want to understand not just the flashy surface of Windows Forms 2.0, but also how it fits into the .NET environment. Readers will have this book at their desks, not stuck on their shelves, for quite a long time.”

–Yoshimatsu Fumiaki, Software Engineer based in Tokyo Japan


“Chris and Mike have done an excellent job presenting the information you need to be successful with Windows Forms.”

–Jessica Fosler, Dev Tech Lead, Microsoft


“This book is the ‘must have’ teaching and reference book for WinForms 2.0.”

–Jim Rittenhouse, Senior Software Engineer, Siemens


Windows Forms 2.0 Programming is the successor to the highly praised Windows Forms Programming in C#. This edition has been significantly updated to amalgamate the sheer mass of new and improved support that is encompassed by Windows Forms 2.0, the .NET Framework 2.0, and Visual Studio 2005. This is the one book de

Table of contents

                        About the Authors  xxv

                        Foreword  xxvii

                        Preface  xxxi

Chapter 1     Hello, Windows Forms  1

Chapter 2     Forms  41

Chapter 3     Dialogs  99

Chapter 4     Layout  137

Chapter 5     Drawing Basics  179

Chapter 6     Drawing Text  231

Chapter 7     Advanced Drawing  265

Chapter 8     Printing  291

Chapter 9     Components  327

Chapter 10   Controls  353

Chapter 11   Design-Time Integration: The Properties Window  399

Chapter 12   Design-Time Integration: Designers and Smart Tags  453

Chapter 13   Resources  505

Chapter 14   Applications  549

Chapter 15   Settings  579

Chapter 16   Data Binding Basics  629

Chapter 17   Applied Data Binding  681

Chapter 18   Multithreaded User Interfaces  737

Chapter 19   ClickOnce Deployment  775

Appendix A    What’s New in Windows Forms 2.0  829

Appendix C    Delegates and Events  867

Appendix D    Component and Control Survey  881

Appendix E    Drag and Drop  901

Appendix F    Document Management  927

                        Bibliography  957

                        Index  961


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