Windows NT/2000 Thin Client Solutions: Implementing Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame, 2nd edition

  • Todd W. Mathers

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Windows NT, Terminal Server Edition (TSE) is an extension to NT Server that allows applications to run one centralized location while being presented on multiple client devices. Designed to decrease total cost of ownership, when used in conjunction with Citrix's MetaFrame product. TSE has also resulted in dramatic (500% or more) performance increase in standard NT administration tools and some database applications. A new edition is necessary to document this new functionality, and also the challenges that system architects will have to address as they design their W2K networks and then transition from Windows NT to W2K. Windows 2000 Thin Client Solutions follows the organization of the previous edition, but includes changes to discussions affected by W2K's release, including coverage of scalability and security. Additional chapters on installation of terminal services and MetaFrame on a W2K server, as well as chapters on TSE management, remote access, and application integration.

Table of contents


What's New? The Contents. Conventions Used in this Book.


1. Going Thin with Terminal Server.

The Total Cost of Ownership. Implementation Flexibility. Reusing Existing Technology. Centralized System Management. Scalability. Enhancing Security.

2. Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.

What Is Windows Terminal Server? Application Servers Versus BackOffice Servers. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Scalability. Terminal Server Management Tools. Terminal Server Clients. Terminal Server Licensing Requirements.

3. Citrix MetaFrame.

What Is MetaFrame? Independent Computing Architecture (ICA). Scalability. Citrix Server Farms. MetaFrame Management Tools. The ICA Client. MetaFrame Licensing.


4. Project Management Considerations.

Implementation Requirements. Business Process Management. Policies and Procedures.

5. Network Planning.

Terminal Server and Your Network. RDP and ICA. Printing Considerations. Dial-up Access. Internet Access.

6. Client Planning.

The Thin Client. RDP Client Support. ICA Client Support. Windows-Based Terminals. Deployment Scenarios with RDP and ICA. Client Deployment and Support Planning.

7. Server Hardware Planning.

The Assessment Process. Determining the Requirements. Hardware Sizing. Load Testing. Determining the Number of Required Servers.

8. Server Management Planning.

The Model for Terminal Server Management. The Theory of Terminal Server Management. Security Management. Application Management.

9. Software Planning.

Software Planning Overview. Administration and System Support Software. Application Software. Change Management.


10. Terminal Server Installation.

Before You Begin. Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition Installation. Windows 2000 Terminal Services Installation.

11. MetaFrame Installation.

Before You Begin. Installing MetaFrame. Unattended Setup Mode. Uninstalling MetaFrame.

12. Terminal Server Configuration and Tuning.

Before You Begin. Service Packs and Hotfixes. Terminal Server Licensing Configuration. Terminal Server Stability and Availability. Terminal Server Performance Tuning. Terminal Server Security Configuration. Connection Configuration. Additional MetaFrame Configuration Options. Printer Drivers.

13. RDP Client Installation and Configuration.

RDP Client Installation. RDP Client Applications. RDP Client Configuration. RDP Client Deployment Options.

14. ICA Client Installation and Configuration.

ICA Client Installation. ICA Client Applications. ICA Client Configuration. Deploying the ICA Client.

15. Web Computing with MetaFrame.

Component Overview. Application Launching and Embedding. Citrix NFuse: Program Neighborhood for the Web. Citrix ICA Web Client Configuration. MetaFrame Server Configuration for Web Computing. Web Server Configuration. MetaFrame and Firewall Considerations.

16. Group and System Policy Configuration.

Introduction to Policies. Environment Preparation. Creating and Managing NT 4.0 System Policies. Creating and Managing Windows 2000 Group Policies.

17. User Profile and Account Configuration.

Introduction to Profiles. Environment Preparation. Creating and Managing User Profiles.

18. Server Operations and Support.

Terminal Server Operations. Server and User Session Management. Server Health Monitoring. Server Maintenance.

19. Application Integration.

The Challenge of Application Integration. Terminal Server Application Support Features. Application Integration Tools and Techniques. The Application Integration Process. Application Installation Examples.


Appendix A. Terminal Server/MetaFrame Command Reference.

ACLCHECK (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame). ACLSET (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame). ALTADDR (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). APP (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). APPSEC (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). AUDITLOG (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). CHANGE CLIENT (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame) (TS 2000/MetaFrame). CHANGE LOGON (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). CHANGE PORT (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). CHANGE USER (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). CLTPRINT (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). CNVRTUC (TSE 4.0). CONNECT (TSE 4.0). CPROFILE (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). DISCONN (TSE 4.0). DOSKBD (TSE 4.0). FLATTEMP (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). ICAPORT (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). KILL (TSE 4.0). LOGOFF (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). MSG (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). NDSPSVR (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). PERUSER (TSE 4.0). QUERY ACL (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame) (TS 2000/MetaFrame). QUERY LICENSE (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame) (TS 2000/MetaFrame). QUERY PROCESS (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). QUERY SERVER (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame) (TS 2000/MetaFrame). QUERY SESSION (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). QUERY TERMSERVER (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). QUERY USER (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). QUERYWINSTA (TSE 4.0) (TS 2000). REGISTER (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). RESET SESSION (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). RESET WINSTA (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). RMVICA (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000/MetaFrame). SHADOW (TSE 4.0/MetaFrame)(TS 2000). SHUTDOWN (TSE 4.0). TSCON (TS 2000). TSDISCON (TS 2000). TSKILL (TS 2000). TSPROF (TSE 4.0)(TS 2000). TSSHUTDN (TS 2000).

Appendix B. Network Primer.

The OSI Model. Communications Protocols. Physical and Logical Networks.

Appendix C. File and Folder Security Primer.

Windows NT 4.0 File System Security. Windows 2000 File System Security. Calculating Permissions.

Appendix D. Terminal Server System and Application Volume Security Permissions.

Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

Appendix E. Registry Security Primer.

The Need for Registry Security. Registry Components. Registry Security Permissions. Registry Hive Files. REGEDT32 and REGEDIT.

Appendix F. Terminal Server Registry Security Permissions.

Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. Windows 2000 Terminal Services.


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