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Words Their Way for PreK-K, 1st edition

  • Francine Johnston
  • Marcia Invernizzi
  • Lori Helman
  • Donald R. Bear
  • Shane Templeton

Published by Pearson (February 12th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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Words Their Way for PreK-K

ISBN-13: 9780132430166

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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This brand new text brings the phenomenon of Words Their Way® to the youngest readers. Why word study with PreK and kindergarten students? Because the hands-on approach motivates them, keeps them engaged, and helps them built literacy skills. The word study approach as outlined by renowned Words Their Way® authors is a developmentally-driven instructional method. It has always been extremely popular for this developmental approach, as well as its concrete methods for teaching children phonics, vocabulary, and spelling skills.

• Chapter opening vignettes from real classrooms gives you a glimpse of the approach in action
• Step by step lessons linked to Common Core State Standards give you the tools to implement the approach
• Dozens of activities in every chapter provide classroom-proven ideas for teaching
• The appendix contains all the reproducible items you’ll need to get students started
• The online resource PDToolkit contains classroom video, games and materials that will prove invaluable to PreK and kindergarten teachers

"This text is exactly what I would expect from the Words Their Way team. It is a very useful, complete, and developmentally appropriate approach to word study for the early grades. It will be helpful both to pre-service and in-service teachers.  The suggested literature and activities are tremendous resources, and include step-by-step directions that are perfect for beginning teachers." -- Pamela Sullivan, James Madison University

"The amount of detail and number of resources in a text are key, and this text is packed with practical applications. Many texts dwell on vocabulary and theory and forget that people always want to know, “How do I use this?” This text answers that question." -- Karen Gooch, Miami University

Table of contents

Contents in Brief


Chapter 1: Oral Language, Vocabulary and Concept Development

Chapter 2: Alphabet– Letter Recognition and Production

Chapter 3: Phonological Awareness

Chapter 4: Concepts about Print and Writing

Chapter 5: Word Study for Phonics and Spelling

Chapter 6: Concept of Word in Text

Chapter 7: Classroom Organization in PreK and Kindergarten Settings Appendix

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